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Savannah Stevenson Speaking at an event in Sweden

Inspirational Speaking


It was such a treat to work with Savannah. From the beginning of our communication to the end of our event, she was a consummate professional. Savannah was willing to work with our vision, but her input made it better than we could have hoped for. Savannah brings a warmth and intimacy to her performance, even in a room full of hundreds of people. I would love to work with Savannah again.

Louise Elder

Public Affairs Director

In Savannah’s inspiring keynote talks, she recounts the challenges of a career in the entertainment industry.


Her stories of failure are told with humour and refreshing honesty. Her stories of endurance and triumph are inspiring and memorable.


Uniquely, she can link her love of music into her programmes, using inspirational live music to underpin her message and can tailor her experiences and message to her audience.


She is passionate to inspire other women in leadership.


Invitations to speak have taken her into the UK corporate sector and on speaking tours of Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden) and further afield to the USA.


In 2017, she spoke at the London conference for Affirmation LGBT Mormon Families and Friends and the following year was invited to keynote at their international conference in the USA.

Savannah Stevenson Actress Acting Coach Speaker

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